Top Ten indicators that you might be ready for a Life Coach......

1. When you're on your way to work your stomach tightens up into a knott because you really hate your job.

2. You want to experience more energy and greater motivation for the things you really love.

3. You're tired of getting up every morning wondering whether you're really making a difference in the world.

4. You're worn out by the negative self-talk that keeps reminding you that things will never change.

5. You long for a safe, 100% confidential relationship where someone will really listen to you, not give you advice.

6. You want to rediscover the big dream you've always had for your life and take steps to achieve it.

7. You would like to identify and break through the obstacles that have been holding you back for years.

8. You long to be pulled into the future by your passions instead of being pushed by someone else's dreams for you.

9. You want to have a clear vision and mission for your life that fits the real "you" that God created.

10.  Whenever you "stop" to relax you keep thinking, "I wonder what God really wants to do with my life."  


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That's my oldest grandson on his way to the Heisman trophy!


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